Our commitment to promoting economic, social and environmental protection



We believe that all work related injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable.




We are continually improving our performance as environmental science and practice evolves and are committed to the protection of local habitats and wildlife.



Going the Distance

Going the Distance

NZP was built on the concept of taking waste products from the meat industry and processing them into products for use in the health industry.

We recently participated in the Sustainable Business Practice programme, facilitated through Vision Manawatu and Otago Polytechnic, recognising the importance of working with other local businesses to improve sustainability within the region.

NZP works on a model of continual improvement, a key reason for the longevity of the business in an often demanding export sector.

Current focus is based around:
Environmental Protection
• Waste Reduction
• Green Chemistry
• Strategic positioning for the longevity of NZP as a major employer in the region.