• Our People

    Our People

    At NZP, we value the experience and skills offered by our diverse group of employees

Central to NZP’s business practises for over 49 years have been our “Company Values” of integrity, respect, innovation, customer service and personal responsibility, and no area typifies these values more than our approach to human resource, people and capability. As NZP exports almost 100% of its products, we recognise that people enable our business operations across borders, and so we value the benefits that a diverse workforce provide in our efforts to supply our specialised products and services to customers across the global market.

NZP proudly employ staff from over 25 nations and from all generations. Our people bring a rich tapestry of experience and education, of cultures, and of passions and ideas which enrich our NZ and UK businesses, and we believe strengthen our business effectiveness.

NZP has organically achieved gender parity across all areas of our organisation and we strive to offer an inclusive working opportunity where all employees are valued and treated equally. Looking to the future - we are excited by the challenges ahead and we fundamentally believe that our people are our point of difference.

We invite you to meet some of the team using our interactive map below.

Alastair Cadzow

I was born in Thurso, in the far North of Scotland and raised on a sheep and beef farm. I studied at the University of Edinburgh and then worked in Edinburgh until I left for New Zealand in February 2000.

Danella Ainsworth

Born in Papua New Guinea and raised in Australia, I moved to New Zealand five years ago after my husband was offered a great opportunity to work in Palmerston North. 

Ed Teece

I emigrated to New Zealand from the United Kingdom in early 2010 to take up the role as NZP’s Operations Manager. Having worked in Global Pharma for 20+ years, across a range of functions, this role offered a new and exciting challenge with the additional bonus of being based in such a beautiful part of the world.

Haaka Marsh

Born and raised in New Zealand, I first joined NZP as a Process Operator in 2012 after thirteen years serving in the New Zealand Army. Over the past five years, I have worked hard to progress within the company moving from Senior Operator to Team Leader before being promoted to the role of Production Supervisor on our afternoon shift in late 2016.

Jingjing Wang

I came to New Zealand from China in 2001 to improve my English and quickly fell in love with the beautiful natural environment and friendly people here. I settled in Palmerston North to take up my role as one of NZP’s Research and Development Chemists.

John Callaghan

Born and raised in Palmerston North, I was fortunate enough to begin my career only 20 minutes’ drive from my hometown, at NZP. I started working at NZP in 1982 as a Process Operator at just 16 years of age.

Katherine Bushman

I came out to New Zealand when I was 16 with my family so we could make the trans alpine rail journey from Christchurch to Greymouth, and absolutely fell in love with New Zealand.

Kevin Bolger

I joined NZP as a Validation Engineer 4.5 years ago, having previously worked as a consultant to the company.

Nidhi Sharma

I moved to New Zealand from Punjab, India to complete my level 5 and level 6 Diploma in Science. I began working with NZP as a Quality Control Laboratory Technician in 2009, after the completion of my qualification and have never left!

Rebecca Walkden

I originally moved to New Zealand to fulfil a one year contract role as a Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Technician, preparing individualised dosages of sterile drugs for patients at Christchurch Hospital. Thirteen years later and I am still here!

Rudi Van Heerden

Sally Wolfenden

Born and bred in Nottingham, England I was initially employed as a Group Leader at NZP’s UK based subsidiary, Dextra Laboratories. As a PhD chemist, I was given the opportunity to move to New Zealand as part of a three year secondment to set up NZP’s Palmerston North based Research and Development team.

Zabeen Khan

Originally from Lautoka in the beautiful Island of Fiji, I moved to New Zealand 15 years ago after marrying my Husband who is a NZ citizen. I began working with NZP as a QC Laboratory Technician 14 years ago and am very grateful for the opportunities that I have had to progress within the company and further my career.