Safety Milestone Reached

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd Celebrates One Million Hours of No Lost Time

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd (NZP), a global leader in Bile Acids manufacturing has proven itself to be a model for safety with August 27th, 2012 marking the global safety standard milestone of one million hours worked without a lost time incident.

Employees and their families celebrated this exceptional achievement on Saturday 22nd September with a family day which included a catered luncheon and fun activities for the children. To further recognise this milestone, employees also received commemorative T-shirts which were worn with pride on the day.

In celebration of this achievement, Chief Executive Officer, Andy Lewis, unveiled a commemorative plaque to acknowledge the achievement of “One Million Work Hours without a Lost Time Incident”.

During the presentation, Mr Lewis, congratulated NZP employees for an outstanding performance and also thanked the families for their support towards the company’s wider achievements. “This is the first time in the company’s 40 year history that we have achieved one million-hours without a Lost Time Incident. It is a huge commitment by every employee to a culture of safety that enabled us to reach such a world class outcome as this” says Andy Lewis, going on to “congratulate our employees for their dedicated efforts to promoting workplace safety”.

Ed Teece, Operations Manager, attributes NZP’s safety record to various factors, but most importantly the on-going commitment and dedication of all employees in believing and demonstrating that safety comes first. “We attribute this record to employee teamwork and the desire to do the right thing to control and eliminate hazards identified in the workplace,” stated Mr. Teece. “Celebrations are nice, but more importantly, we have the satisfaction of knowing that all of our employees are able to return home safely every day.”