NZP Scholarships

NZP 300-level Bursary

The Bursary was awarded jointly to Heather Jameson and David Nixon. Both these candidates attended secondary school in Palmerston North and then chose to study at Massey University because of the opportunity to study Chemistry and Nanoscience. During the interview Heather conveyed a deep appreciation of the role of Chemistry, and science in general, in tackling the big issues we face in the modern world. David clearly articulated his desire to embark upon research studies and build on his track record in Chemistry, Physics and Nanoscience. The interview panel determined that they could not distinguish between these excellent candidates and recommended that the Bursary should be shared evenly between them.

NZP 200-level Bursary

The Bursary was awarded jointly to Jessie Owen, Karla Dunn and Damian Jones. Each of these candidates displayed a level of commitment and understanding of Chemistry that the interview team wanted to recognise and support with the NZP Bursary.

Jessie Owen has an absolutely stunning undergraduate record. She has taken on the challenge of performing at the highest level in both Chemistry and Physics, and it is her intention to complete a double major in these subjects. Jessie clearly displays her enthusiasm for these subjects, passion for study, and an ability to extend and challenge herself.

Karla Dunn displays passion and devotion to her studies that have given her an excellent academic record in Chemistry – all this while facing some significant challenges with very high external commitments in her life. She demonstrated a clear understanding of the role of Chemistry in NZ’s economy and an enthusiasm for undertaking a career in Chemistry.

Damian Jones is a mature student. He had a successful career as a specialist solid plasterer and then decided to study Chemistry at university. Damian had almost no science background from his high school days so bought appropriate texts and taught himself NCEA Level 2 and Level 3 Chemistry before coming to university. Since then he has continued to display innate talent and a great tenacity that have been rewarded with a high level of success in his studies in Chemistry.