Sustainability Program

NZP has always endeavoured to engage in sustainable business practices, recognizing that potentially, without intervention, demand will eventually exceed supply of eco-system resources. Interestingly, NZP itself was built on the concept of taking waste products from the meat industry and processing them into products for use in the health industry.

In 2010 a decision was made to put a long-term framework around sustainability plans, ensuring that it remains as a strong focus and has an ongoing drive for continual improvement. We have engaged the services of James Shaw from Future Considerations to assist throughout this journey.

In stage one, NZP has developed a “Sustainability View” of how it interacts with the local, national and global environment. The view is designed to assist in identifying current sustainable practices and also potential opportunities to improve and/or implement further sustainable practices.

Initial focus areas are based around:

  • Environmental protection;
  • Waste reduction;
  • Energy use efficiency;
  • Carbon footprint; and
  • Green chemistry.