Waste Water Discharge

The end of New Zealand Pharmaceuticals' wastewater discharge directly into the Manawatu River is a milestone for the waterway.

The Linton factory has spent $2.5 million on its own settling tank to pretreat water used in washing down industrial equipment and on 3.2 kilometres of pipes to link into the Linton pipeline to Palmerston North's wastewater treatment plant.

The transfer to the city's system last October has gone without a hitch, and monitoring shows no deterioration in the water quality of the Manawatu River downstream of the city's discharge as a result of adding New Zealand Pharmaceuticals' wastewater to the mix.

"It is a win for the river that a discharge that was going in untreated is now treated, and the city council can still comply with its consent," says Horizons Regional Council environmental scientist for water quality, Logan Brown.

And his colleague, Horizons science manager Jon Roygard, agrees.