Methyl N-acetylneuraminate


Manufactured by NZP, this compound is supplied as a white crystalline powder. Owing to NZP's competitive cost to manufacture a very high quality sialic acid, NZP can offer the derivative for synthesis purposes to meet customer needs and enable customer to increase their manufacturing capacity.

Use of Chemical

Synthesis and API intermediate for use in the synthesis of glycolipids, glycopeptides and sialyl oligosaccharides. Also know as methyl sialylate and as N-Acetylneuraminic acid methyl glycoside, this is an intermediate chemical for the synthesis of zanamivir and other useful and biologically active derivatives of sialic acid.


  • CAS Number: 128643-78-7
  • Molecular Weight: 323.3
  • Solubility: Water and methanol soluble.
  • Packaging: Custom packaging depending on customer requirements; otherwise in double plastic lined 20 kg fibre drums.