Structural Formula

Taurodeoxycholic acid, sodium salt



Taurodeoxycholic acid, sodium salt


Taurodeoxycholic acid, sodium salt is manufactured by NZP from the steroid, deoxycholic acid. It is a nature equivalent compound, chemically identical to the natural steroid produced in the liver of many animal species.
NZP manufactures taurodeoxycholic acid from NZP's own deoxycholic acid extracted from cattle bile(also known as "bovine bile" or "ox bile"), a by-product of the meat processing industry.

NZP's taurodeoxycholic acid is prepared from certified material from GBR 1 and GBR 2 countries.

Use of Chemical

  1. Taurodeoxycholic acid is a powerful biological detergent.
  2. It can also accelerate lipase activity.
  3. It has potential in the manufacture of vaccines and as a vehicle to assist with drug and vaccine delivery.


  • CAS Number: 110026-03-4; 1180-95-6
  • Molecular Weight: 522.7
  • Solubility: Water soluble
  • Packaging: Taurodeoxycholic acid sodium salt is shipped sealed in polyethylene liners and packed in 1 - 10 kg plastic pails. Customer specific packaging can be provided.