Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Ingredients (12)

NZP produces of a range of bulk pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical ingredients for supply to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

Excipients (4)

These bile acids have gained popularity with assistance to solubilise non-polar drugs for delivery in aqueous media by injection. The specific conjugated bile acid is chosen on a case by case basis.

Microbiological Media and Fermentation Ingredients (7)

NZP manufactures several refined bile products that are used as selective inhibitory agents in bacteriological media. These include the sodium salts of bile acids, which are supplied to biotech and media companies worldwide.

Carbohydrates (3)

NZP's Dextra team based in the UK are carbohydrate specialists with an international reputation in all areas of research, synthesis and analysis of carbohydrates and complex sugars.

Dietary Supplements (1)

NZP manufactures a range of dietary supplement ingredients under GMP conditions.

Feed Ingredients (1)

In consultation with the aquaculture industry, NZP has developed Mixed Bile Acids, which is easily incorporated into feeds.