Product Development at NZP is a team of dedicated, motivated individuals with extensive experience in a commercial development environment.

Our team of 13 scientists and technicians draw on both national and international experience to create safe, efficient, economic processes and products.
NZP’s product development scientists have strong working relationships with scientists from New Zealand universities and crown research institutes. This allows us access to state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and technology held at these institutions.


Processes are developed and optimised in the product development laboratory by experienced scientists supported by dedicated and capable technical staff.
Work in the development laboratory is focused on two main areas. The first is the extraction and purification of natural biochemicals. This expertise has led to polysaccharide products from seaweeds and the range of anthocyanins products extracted from berry fruit that are being used in the dietary supplements industry.
Our second area of work focuses on organic synthesis processes with an emphasis on carbohydrate chemistry. Recent developments in this area have included a seven step process to make an un-natural sugar which includes an azide transfer reaction. 
The team has developed a range of synthetic bile acid conjugates which were quickly taken through the development process to be manufactured at large scale.
Staff work closely with customers to ensure the products and processes we develop fully meet their needs and expectations.


Following laboratory development we move processes into one of our two pilot plants which occupy a total working area of 188 m2.
This allows us to take processes to the 600 L scale. Pilot Plant One is a dedicated intrinsically safe working area containing 600 L stainless steel and 150 L glass-lined vessels and associated equipment such as a 100 L scrubbing unit. Pilot Plant Two specialises in water-based processes especially in the area of high quality extracts from biomass. For further information on synthesis please refer to our site, Production and engineering staff assist product development staff in pilot plant scale-up trials allowing easy and rapid development of new processes from the laboratory, through the pilot plant and onto the factory floor.
We welcome inquiries for collaboration from both business and research organisations from around the world to develop and manufacture new products. Contact our Business Development Manager, Dr Selwyn Yorke, via our "Contact" web page, or directly by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please include the details that we request on our Contact Us page.