• World-class manufacturers of bile acids and carbohydrates
  • NZP’s non-GMP kilo lab is complemented by Dextra’s GMP kilo lab
  • Dextra's GMP lab
  • Large scale GMP Freeze drying
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  • Digitally controlled programmable large scale evaporation
  • NMR
  • Freeze Dryers
  • HEPA filtration area behind the scenes
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  • NZP’s non-GMP kilo lab is complimented by Dextra’s GMP kilo lab
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New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd is proud to announce that is has been audited by TELARC and achieved its first ISO 14001 certification. In 2010, NZP implemented a specific program within the company to manage the environmental system and drive forward its sustainability initiative. Part of the long term goals of the environmental management system is to ensure the system itself met a recognized effective global standard.

The ISO 14001 standard was chosen because the ISO standards are recognized in over 160 countries and NZP is an export focused company, specializing in manufacturing bile acids and carbohydrate pharmaceutical intermediates and ingredients. NZP’s environmental system was audited for the first time in November 2012 and was successfully awarded certification. Although certification could have been sought at an earlier date, it was important to allow time to  be able to demonstrate that the system was actually working for the NZP environment, not just meeting the standard. All of the NZP management and staff are proud of this achievement, demonstrating commitment from everyone at NZP ensuring environmental aspects form part of the considerations in its everyday actions.

Product Catalogue

Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Ingredients

 NZP produces of a range of bulk pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical ingredients for supply to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

See Intermediates and Ingredients Products



These bile acids have gained popularity with assistance to solubilise non-polar drugs for delivery in aqueous media by injection.


See Excipient Products

Microbiological Media and Fermentation Ingredients

NZP manufactures several refined bile products that are used as selective inhibitory agents in bacteriological media. These include pure sodium salts of bile acids, which are supplied to biotech and media companies worldwide.

See Media and Fermentation Ingredients Products



NZP’s sister company, Dextra located in Reading, UK, undertakes custom carbohydrate synthesis and offers a catalogue of carbohydrate derivatives for glycobiology and other applications.

See Carbohydrate Products

Dietary Supplements

NZP manufactures a range of dietary supplement ingredients under GMP conditions.

See Dietary Supplement Products

Feed Ingredients

In consultation with the aquaculture industry, NZP has developed Mixed Bile Acids, which is easily incorporated into feeds.
See Feed Ingredient Products

Manufacturing Capabilities

Contract Manufacturing

NZP-Dextra manufactures specialist and niche chemicals, especially bile acids, complex oligosaccharides and other sugar derivatives.

- Multi-step syntheses manufactured to your specification

- Gram to multi-kilogram scale.

- Process optimisation

- Long term manufacturing contracts from kilograms to tonnes per annum.

Manufacturing Specialties

Amongst the Dextra and NZP manufacturing specialties are:

- Bile acid derivatives; for example glycocholic acid

- Sugar derivatives

- Chemical and enzyme synthesis (custom synthesis)

- Natural product extraction and purification from biomass (marine and terrestrial products, small molecule bioactives and polymers)  

- Chemical modification of natural products (GMP)

Manufacturing Technologies

NZP's Manufacturing technologies include:


- Chemical and enzyme synthesis in glass or stainless steel

- Natural product extraction and purification from biomass (marine and terrestrial products)  

- Anhydrous or inert gas blanket chemistry  

- Enzyme and chemical hydrolyses  

- Large scale aqueous and organic solvent extraction

- Ion-exchange purification  

- Distillation

- Ultrafiltration

- Filtration and centrifugation

- Freeze drying - GMP

- Also: spray, vacuum, oven tray drying, crystallisation  

- Milling (grinding)  

- ISO Class 8 clean rooms